Kampo is a restaurant of experiences, where flavours from the ground flavours are highlighted in the dishes created by Chef Júlio Pereira, who show us his origins in a creative way.

Located in the heart of the city of Funchal, the restaurant boasts a small, cozy space with the kitchen as a ‘background’, offering to the customer a ‘first class’ view of all what is happening.

With a simple menu with elegance, where the fixed dishes will vary, according to the products of the season. The natural fermented artisan bread is made at home and has some snacks to go with it. There is the fish from the Market with seaweed rice and shrimp sauce; the tasty black rice with octopus and prawns; for veggies we have vegetables prepared with technique and originality. We also have great well-crafted meats on the grill: matured calf loin, matured chuletón and matured T-Bone.

And the desserts… we have delicious options with special touch and fruity flavours.

Welcome to Kampo!